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Omega presence in India

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Since the first no-bake mixer sold by Omega in 1989, the number of clients has grown to over a 150. To support our existing and new customers, a joint venture company was formed based in Pune around 3 years ago - Omega Sane PVT Ltd can manufacture a range of no-bake equipment as well as being able to support local 'turnkey' projects. For larger installations, the 'heart' of the equipment still comes from the UK and is again complemented by items manufactured locally in the JV factory.

The sales and support is carried out by Gargi Engineering PVT, who have 4 dedicated service engineers along with a sales/service manager to look after new and existing customers.

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Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd. is a leading supplier. For further information and contact details click here: Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd.