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Petrofer: Greetings from Turkey

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PETROFER CHEMIE is a German company which produces industrial oils and chemicals with the latest technology and experience more than 60 years. Headquarter in Hildesheim – GERMANY, PETROFER is a truly global company with a worldwide distributor network and joint ventures across the world.

With the rapid development of Turkish Industry in the last 40 years and in parallel to the increase of demand in industrial oils and chemicals, the company superseded in the Turkish Market with its top-quality products since the start up in 1983. PETROFER is well equipped to provide top-quality products which reflect the latest technology and developments, and has a range of more than 600 products in industrial oils, grease and chemicals.  Petrofer’s proven know-how, top-quality products, services and process for problem solving sustain the company image to the 21st century. Through its R&D studies, corporate strategy, expertise of its chemists, engineers and business people the company stands in a powerful position in the global markets.

PETROFER’s top quality products are the results of the studies of The Hildesheim PETROFER Gmbh R&D Center. PETROFER Gmbh R&D Center supports the business with technical service, application and product research. Line extension and new product developments are done with a clear market focus. This is based on close cooperation with the customers during the entire development process.

PETROFER has a vital importance in Heat Treatment Products for Steel and Aluminum Industries, Metal Treating and Forming Oils, Industrial Oils, Cleaning Chemicals, Rust and Corrosion Preventives, Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids, Chemicals for Tissue Productions, Greases, Specialized Products and etc.



PROJECT NAME: Increasing Production Efficiency

SUBJECT OF THE PROJECT: Decreasing the Die Face Lubricant Consumption at Production

AIM OF THE PROJECT: Decreasing The Cost Of Die Casting Process By Improving The Ratio Of “Casting Material (Kg) / Die Face Lubricant Usage (Kg)”


Our Customer, who manufactures their parts by Aluminium Metal Injection Process, wanted to decrease their costs. They have analysed that the most consuming material was DIE FACE LUBRICANT during their Die Casting Process.

Customer had adhesion problems, which can cause breakages at thin parts of the casting pieces by using the existing die face lubricant. Due to this, customer had production and efficiency losses. They decided to decrease and eliminate the adhesion problem by changing the die face lubricant.

Process parameters have observed and the existing working conditions have been determined by Petrofer team. Usage concentration of the existing Die Face Lubricant measured and it was found around 2%. The target was to decrease this concentration step by step by using our product.  Petrofer DIE LUBRIC 4052 S, water based Die Face Lubricant decided to be used during the trial.

On the studies of Pilot Presses, customer has achieved a good success with decreasing the concentration of die face lubricant from 2% to 1% at the most difficult dies of their process. Customer observed a significant increase in the rate of “Casting Tonnage/ Consuming Die Face Lubricant” during the trial period.



CONSUMPTION OF DIE LUBRIC 4052 S:                      1 TON: CASTING TONNAGE: 200 TON


During our study; parts could separate more easily from the mould and the surface of the pieces observed brighter by using DIE LUBRIC 4052 S although the concentration was ​​much lower. DIE LUBRIC 4052 S has been provided following benefits;


  • homogeneous and stable lubricant film in the mould
  • prevent distortions and longer the mould lifetime
  • homogeneous temperature distribution
  • decrease in the production losses
  • decrease in the labor cost

    Finally, our product of
    DIE LUBRIC 4052 S has been preferred by customer for long term usage.


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    We are looking forward to see you at Ankiros 2012 (13.-16. September):
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