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Pillar Induction, Heating, Melting & Brazing Overview (2014) - Founded in 1966, Pillar is committed to providing total induction solutions in the foundry, tube & pipe, heating, forging, and heat treating markets. Pillar Induction is committed to helping its customers achieve leaner, more profitable manufacturing, and continues to add products and engineered solutions for an integrated approach to manufacturing efficiency.

Pillar Induction manufactures services & supports ferrous and nonferrous coreless melting systems for a variety of metal and material thermal processing. We pride ourselves on supplying the most reliable, durable and efficient equipment available to the industry today. Our line of induction melting furnaces range in capacity from 1 pound to 20 tons with power supplies ranging from 10 kW to 6,000 kW. Our staff will work in your facility to handle all engineering, installation and set up.

Induction heating solutions are our specialty in melting, holding and pouring. Pillar specializes in a systems approach solution with MOSFET, SCR & IGBT switching power supplies, digital inverter control units, PLC-based melt processors & computer-based melt processors. We compliment the foundry with crucible push-out devices, emergency back up & emergency tilting devices. Engineering services are available for preventive maintenance, process optimization and modernization. Our application specialists are available to research, design and develop the custom system that is perfect for your situation.

Custom solutions for induction hardening systems showcase the innovative technology Pillar can provide for your business. Pillar designs innovative solutions for hardening applications large and small; from crankshafts and gears, to aircraft quality bolts and fasteners. Pillar Induction is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Heat-treating and scanning applications are only the beginning of Pillar's extensive list of capabilities.

Pillar's systems are used in pipe and tube manufacturing, brazing and joining -- even forging and forming. Our induction heating systems are also utilized in specialty applications such as crystal growing, epitaxy, shrink fitting and susceptor heating.

Pillar's extensive parts and service department is available to handle any issues that arise 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our support network provides a timely response to our customer's induction requirements with technicians strategically located throughout the United States and elsewhere around the globe.


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