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Pillar Induction's Steel Frame Furnace

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The Steel Frame Furnace is rugged and durable, but above all practical. Shown melting stainless steel at over 3000F, the coil is fully supported in the steel frame and surrounded by magnetic shunts. This structure ensures that the lining is not mechanically stressed when tilting the furnace.

Field experience has shown a better than 35% improvement in lining life when compared with a conventional box furnace. Similarly, the castable in the top and bottom of the furnace is fully supported, has a refractory function only, and plays no part in the tensile strength of the furnace. The optional refractory lined lid ensures maximum efficiency, especially with higher temperature metals.

Pillar's steel frame, shunted furnace utilizes upper and lower Faraday rings and magnetic containment shunts to redirect/concentrate the induced magnetic field into the bath. This furnace design increases employee safety by eliminating the possibility of induced voltages and heating on the furnace body and metallic objects exterior to the furnace. It also extends the life of the furnace refractory by controlling refractory lining temperatures and thus increasing their ability to withstand rapid temperature rises.

Founded in 1966, Pillar is committed to providing total induction solutions in the melting, tube & pipe, heating, forging, heat treating and crystal growing markets. Pillar Induction is committed to helping its customers achieve leaner, more profitable manufacturing, and continues to add products and engineered solutions for an integrated approach to manufacturing efficiency.