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“DISA MATCH 24/28 has helped us to achieve an even higher casting quality, increase our production capacity and start producing more complex castings of ductile iron as well as expand our business activities by entering into new markets.” Mr. Jaroslaw Gronowski, President ODLEWNIA ZELIWA SA

ODLEWNIA ZELIWA SA in Zawiercie has a long history of success. It was founded precisely 130 years ago – in 1886 – as a small forging shop, manufacturing farming equipment and tools to the locals. Today, it is a premier casting company, producing value-adding cast iron fittings and custom-made machine castings from whitehearth malleable, weldable, nodular and grey iron for a variety of industries. ODLEWNIA ZELIWA SA is the main producer of whitehearth malleable iron fittings in Poland for thread connected pipelines, which are used for water and gas installations, steam supply, central heating, spaying systems as well as to supply non-aggressive liquids and gases. The foundry commissioned a DISA MATCH 24/28 horizontal moulding line in October 2015. The goal was to start producing more complex castings of ductile iron, achieve a higher quality, increase production capacity and expand their activities and enter into new markets.

Quality comes first

ODLEWNIA ZELIWA SA maintains a highly diversified industry base by cooperating with the automotive, power supply, mining, machine, building and railway industries on high-quality precision castings.

“Our standards and values solidify our overall commitment to quality: Our business is built on quality, and we put quality first in everything we do and in every part we make. Naturally, this also means that our three DISA moulding lines should work well and reliably at all times. Therefore – in our continuous efforts to achieve as high a level of quality as possible – we decided last year to upgrade our equipment and replace one of our older machines with a new DISA MATCH. Today, our foundry is equipped with 2 DISAMATIC 2013 MK3, working alongside our latest MATCH 24/28 which has allowed us to boost capacity and efficiency without compromising on quality”, Jaroslaw Gronowski summarizes the Polish foundry operations and choice of moulding lines.

Accuracy and dimensional stability. Reliability and repeatability


Converting to a more efficient match plate technology

Having commissioned the DISA MATCH 24/28 horizontal moulding line in August 2015, production start-up was launched on October 19.

“DISA’s trademark is solid engineering, and the DISA experts stand as firmly behind their products as we do by ours. Therefore, our expectations were high prior to the installation of the new moulding line, and what we might have thought could cause some level of challenge, namely the conversion from our rather obsolete DISAFORMA 3030 to the DISA MATCH 24/28, turned out to be a rather uncomplicated process. Being able to re-use our existing tools due to an adaptor designed by DISA made for a smooth transition”, Production Director Dariusz Drabek comments.

“Also in terms of overall supervision, training and support, DISA continues to be more than just a supplier. It’s a company we have a personal and relationship-based interaction with. Overall, both DISA and the DISA MATCH fulfil our requirements”, Dariusz Drabek states.


Growth potential and cost reduction

“Apart from giving us reliability and repeatability, the DISA MATCH 24/28 horizontal moulding line has provided our foundry with a high accuracy and dimensional stability, forming a satisfactory rate in relation to the size of forms”, Dariusz Drabek explains.

“Another overall advantage of going with the DISA MATCH 24/28 is that it has already given – and will continue to give us – more growth potential. Additionally, both the energy and cost reductions experienced have been sizable, and since we pride ourselves in thinking in ‘triple E’ – meaning Economy, Ergonomy and Energy-saving – we’re very satisfied with the benefits obtained from DISA MATCH 24/28”, Dariusz Drabek concludes.

With a current total of 3 DISA machines and a foundry modernization on the horizon, ODLEWNIA ZELIWA SA in Zawiercie seems to look forward to extending not only its long history, but also its long and ongoing partnership with DISA.

“We want to be the best manufacturer and quality partner to our customers. So whether it’s in our guaranteed high-quality products, our experienced and skilled staff, our wide production variety or our modern, pro-ecological technologies and modernized technical facilities: Quality remains at the forefront of everything we do. DISA makes very good moulding machines – and so obviously, they are the preferred foundry partner at ODLEWNIA ZELIWA SA.” Mr. Jaroslaw Gronowski, President ODLEWNIA ZELIWA SA


A fitting success story

ODLEWNIA ZELIWA SA is a Polish foundry, dating back to 1886. Today, it is the main producer of fittings in Poland, selling its many products both domestically and abroad.

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