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Portable two-colour pyrometer with patented traffic light display for safe temperature measurements

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Non-contact temperature measurements under difficult measuring conditions such as dust, steam or smoke in the field of vision, changing emissivities or possible dirty protective glasses are preferably carried out with reliable two-colour pyrometers. Other than with single-channel pyrometers which show too low readings, two-colour pyrometers still capture the correct temperatures even when the target is smaller than the measurement area of the device. But even two-colour pyrometry has its limits for accurate and reliable temperature measurements. As this limit value is not necessarily evident, extreme conditions may lead to large temperature variations and faulty readings. The incorrect reading produced by a two-colour pyrometer can both be higher or lower than the true temperature.

With modern microprocessor technology, it is meanwhile possible to determine the signal strength with special calculating algorithms and to use this value as a quality indicator for the reliability of the measurement. The portable pyrometer CellaPort shows the signal quality with a patented “traffic light” status indicator shown in the viewfinder. A green LED lights up when the signal is strong enough. A measurement is still possible when the display changes to yellow. It is then recommendable to increase the signal strength again, e.g. by reducing the measuring distance. The red LED lights up when the signal is insufficient. The device stops to show a reading.

The CellaPort with its 31 different models and ranges from 500 to 3000 °C is used in many different production processes in the iron and steel industry, from production in foundries and continuous casting plants, to treatment in rolling mills and heat treatment plants. The CellaPort is also ideal for measurements in kilns and on conveyor belts in lime and cement plants with their extremely dusty environment. Safe measurements of glass drops during the production of glass products – even when the diameter of the glass drops is varying - are made without problems with two-colour measuring devices.

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