Portugal - IK4-AZTERLAN participates in the "Supplier Day" held by the company SAKTHI Portugal

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SAKTHI Portugal Group has brought together more than 200 people in Porto over the past 26th and 27th of September to discuss about innovation in the foundry industry.

The working sessions have been carried out by suppliers of the foundry sector and included under the slogan "Time to innovate". During those days, 50 providers of different areas, classified into three clear subjects: equipment, materials and services, have exhibited in their conferences proposals for innovation for the coming years in the foundry sector.

Both the presentations from suppliers as well as plenary interventions from Carlos Magno (ERC) and Fernando Resin (VDA) have stood out for its content and have been well received by the audience.

Susana Mendez, researcher in the area of R&D of Metallurgical Processes at IK4-AZTERLAN, presented the vision of the Centre regarding innovation in the foundry industry related to the automotive world.

The presentation "Automotion challenges for innovation in foundry" has established the innovation keys in the automotive sector and has translated these keys into areas of opportunity for the foundry industry, so that in the near future can be answered the demands of the car industry.

The conference concluded with a visit to the construction of the new facilities of the company SAKTHI Portugal in Agueda in which IK4-AZTERLAN is actively involved in the design and monitoring of the plant, facilities and the subsequent setting up of the industrial activity.