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Quality and precision – these are the assets Reichmann & Sohn has become renowned for in the sector of machine technology.

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Foundation of the company

In 1918 Josef Reichmann formed the company Reichmann in Langgrün close to Karlsbad, Sudetenland. Starting the production with workshop grinding machines and polishing motors, the scope of technical possibilities has been constantly expanded to include deburring machines and cut-off machines for mass-produced castings.


After the war in 1946 Franz Reichmann – son of Josef Reichmann – restarted the production in Weissenhorn near Ulm, Germany. Regarding the positive business development, the company established a new 20,000 sqm building area in 1964.

Deburring, grinding and cut-off equipment with robotic assistance

Since the nineties the production of specialized cast-part grinding machines, iron finishing and cut-off machines has become an important third division for Reichmann & Sohn Company. This concerns cast iron components as applied by the automotive industry and by suppliers (blocks, heads, discs, propellers…), by aviation industry (i.e. turbine blades), by railway castings (axles, brackets, clutches,…) as well as in medical spares for the human body (hips, knees, nails, plates …).

The comprehensive programme

The range of products offered by Reichmann & Sohn today includes workshop grinders, rough grinding machines,  tool grinding machines, twist drill sharpening machines, bench polishers , surface belt grinders, belt grinding machines, high pressure belt grinders, cut-off machines for hardened bars, high performance wet cut-off machines for precision cuts on hardened bars, rails and spindles as well as for ingate systems and flash removal on cast parts. Plane grinding machines – engineered in modern portal construction – are available as one-sided or twin-sided grinding machines. Round element- grinders obtain a high significance for deburring brake discs and clutches. In addition to series-produced models, tailor made machining systems permit the optimum adaption to individual requirements. The combination with robots and handling systems, transfer stations and corresponding software enables the development of complete machining centres which excel for their precision and performance and greatly enhance manufacturing efficiency.

Strengthened for the future

With their competence in the area of grinding and cutting Reichmann & Sohn Company possess three independent product sectors which guarantee a stable turnover. Grinding, polishing and cut-off machines for the metal manufacturing sector; specialized grinding and deburring machines for iron foundries; as well as ski tuning machines for ski tuning workshops provide a global presence. Today about 80 employees work on  the best solutions for our customers within different departments.  The increase in internationalization in the past years required the integration of more partners into the worldwide partner network around the globe. At the moment in the all important market developments and sales partnerships the need to promptly cover high quality “Made in Germany” products exists worldwide.
Since 2013 Reichmann & Sohn Company has been run by Stefan Reichmann, the fourth generation of Reichmann.



Reichmann & Sohn GmbH

Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 6
89264 Weissenhorn

Telefon: +49 (0) 7309 875-0