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REIS-CASTeject for improved removal of castings

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Reis Robotics

Illus. 1: Gentle and torsion-free removal of casting at a 350 ton die casting machine with a 12-cavity casting with CASTeject-linear

This software for removal robots allows, especially for removal of castings at a pressure or gravity die, to move the robot in linear manner in the ejector direction of the mold ejectors due to the force applied by the ejector. Thus, the casting can be removed from the mold synchronously with the hydraulic ejector movement.

After the casting machine has opened, the robot gets the signal from the die casting machine to move in and pick-up the casting in the open die. After the message "gripper closed" the robot gives signal "ejector forward" to the casting machine and switches on the function CASTeject. With the ejector movement the robot is pushed away with the part until the casting is free for removal from the mold. Doing so, the Tool Center Point (TCP) is readjusted "linear" in direction of the ejector movement of the casting, similar to a conveyor function.

With the CASTeject function a very exact linear movement is achieved featuring several advantages for the user. On the one hand, the casting will be removed gently from the die and won't be bent (illus. 1). Same can thus be inserted exactly into the fixture of following processing stations and trim tools. Even delicate castings thus can be removed perfectly and machined further.

Reis Robotics

Illus. 2:  Removal of a casting without jamming synchronously with the ejectors from a 800 ton die casting machine with CASTeject-linear.

On the other hand, jamming of the casting during ejection is avoided (illus. 2). Thus, there won't be created any scratches on the casting during removal of casting. In gravity die casting an increased abrasion of the release agent in the gravity die is prevented.


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