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RSD 180 V – The New Benchmark in Drive Technology

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In the past and present, volume sizes of 30,000 kg of liquid metal have been moved with the aid of countershaft gear sets. The disadvantage of this drive unit is the large number of components that are needed to achieve the required torques. This situation requires the foundryman to assess whether, in a technical and cost comparison, it is necessary or not to have a countershaft gear set in a new pouring ladle or not, for example. The result of the analysis, which is based on the assumption of a substantial increase in costs for a countershaft gear set, influences a neutral assessment by the foundryman. It is often quite difficult in practical business.

This fact has motivated us to push ahead this sector and to expand drive technology in the realm of up to 50,000 kg of liquid metal. The consistent further development of our successful RSD gear set series 60 V to 140 V with a utilization size between 0 and 30,000 kg has led us to the RSD 180 V gear set. A gear set that enables you, as the operator, to move large dimensions dynamically and easily in a safe and playful manner.

Our tasks in developing the new drive were as follows:
Safe drive of containers for molten metal without additional intermediate gear  up to 50,000 kg
Modular design of the individual components to ensure prompt, cost-effective and simple repair or
spare parts procurement
High-quality material selection of the gear set components to achieve the highest possible service life
A self-contained braking unit that reliably and irrevocably brakes torques applied on both sides immediately until standstill

This development has brought forth a gear set that demonstrates a new dimension in terms of performance, flexibility and cost advantages. This gear set enables foundrymen to cast molten metal up to 50,000 kg manually and with full self-control.

Our new RSD 180 V gear unit combines the following advantages:
Four-stage planetary gear set with a nominal torque of 66,400 Nm at a transmission ratio of i = 588
The modular design of the gear stages facilitates an easy replacement or repair
Case-hardened or gas-nitrified gearing elements of all gear stages; the drive and output shaft is made of heat-treated steel and has double anti-friction bearings
Autonomous braking unit on the drive side, which makes adjustments when the applied torque is interrupted, thus slowing down the rotary movement
Sturdy and thick-walled housing made of cast iron
Can be installed flexibly on existing pouring ladles

Drive means dynamics - dynamics generate movement – movement leads to new paths.

The theoretical development is an exciting topic, but only practice shows the real capacity. We chose an interesting project that challenged us in all areas of Foundry Service drive technology in order to break new ground.

In order to realize this ambitious project, we also developed a three-stage finger-coupling. This development enables us to operate liquid metal containers in a unique combination of hand, compressed air and electric drives. At the same time, we have expanded our series of countershaft gear sets further. This new expansion stage with the designation SG 1097 enables us to cast volume sizes of up to 150,000 kg manually, in combination with the RSD 180 V as a hybrid drive.

The components of this drive unit consist of:
Countershaft gear set SG 1097 - completely new development
Main gearbox RSD 180 V - completely new development
Three-stage finger-coupling - completely new development
Chain box with chain and chain pinion
Air motor
Electric motor

The assembly was carried out in our well-known I-Drive system (intelligent drive system), which enables us to rotate the gear unit either manually or by a motor. Thanks to our I-base platform with the motors mounted on it and our two- or three-stage finger claw coupling, we are able to connect to and drive any existing or new gear unit.

Foundrymen benefit from achieving a significant relief in the area of heat load and force with the motor drive. At the same time, we have improved the safety factor because the foundryman is located at a greater distance from the machine or the casting. The two- or three-stage finger claw coupling allows the foundryman to pour off a batch manually in case of failure of the operating medium, whether electricity or compressed air.

The advantages of the I-Drive system at a glance:
Can be installed flexibly on any existing or new ladle
Motorized drive utilizing electricity or compressed air
The drive can be controlled proportionally, it facilitates a continuous operation
Manual operation is possible at any time using the hand wheel
Significant increase in work safety and minimization of physical strain

In summary, it can be said that our development of the RSD 180 V provides foundrymen with a drive that reduces procurement and repair costs. At the same time, we achieve a high degree of operational safety and availability due to the high-quality material properties of the individual gear components. The use of our I-Drive system offers you a highly flexible choice of motorized drives to cast accurately and to suit every situation. The modular structure allows you to modify your existing equipment to help shape and lead the demands of the fast-moving market.


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