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Rump Strahlanlagen Retrofit: Modernisation of your equipment

Reduced costs compared to a new acquisition, Shorter implementation period compared delivery of a new machine

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If your systems run for many years, but the results and profitability no longer correspond to the task and the requirements, often the question arises whether a new acquisition makes sense. The answer does not necessarily have to be yes.

A machine modernisation is, compared to a new acquisition, often the most cost-efficient option. The realignment of an existing machine may have several reasons:

These options can be realised through different measures:

  • Replacement of the turbines or installation of further turbines
  • Modification or reinforcing of the blasting chamber and other components subject to wear
  • Revision or optimisation of the abrasive circulation system and abrasive replenishment
  • Modification and reinforcing of conveying systems, supplementing with robotic and feeder solutions  
  • Enhanced operator safety by sensors, noise control and segretation arrangements
  • Installation of an  abrasive refill hopper for a constant operating mix

You are not sure whether a Retrofit for your shot blast machine comes into question? Then simply contact us via the contact form. We will get in touch with you immediately. Of course you can also approach your contact person.

In the next step, we come to visit you in order to clarify options and details. As a matter of course, we also advise you about buying a new shot blast machine if a modernisation proves to be uneconomical or impractical.




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