Saarbrücken, Germany: New Halberg Guss Sold Again

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Surprisingly, the automotive supplier Neue Halberg Guss has changed hands again. Behind the “Buyer’s” Prevent Group is a Bosnian technology company of the Hastor family, which doesn’t have a good reputation with the main customer VW.

The workforce were informed on Monday morning as well as the work council. Patrick Selzer from the IG Metall Saarbrücken told the SR that the union was completely surprised and had only been informed from the media. Which was more than unfortunate.

What’s clear is that just after seven months, the Süddeutsche Beteiligungs GmbH has given up New Halberg Guss again. A press release states that it has been possible to stabilize financial figures elevate them to a planned levels. The sale to the Süddeutsche Beteiligungs GmbH is still being preferred and supported VW.

Whether this kind of support applies to the new owner, is questionable. The Bosnian investor group Hastor paralyzed the VW group two years ago in the dispute over a supplier order.


According to SR information, the workload at Neue Halberg Guss is good. The engine block manufacturer has focused more on the truck market. The company employs 3000 people worldwide, half of them in Saarbrücken

Source: SR Mediathek