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SAVELLI selected to provide equipment to John Deere Waterloo Foundry

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We are pleased to announce that Savelli S.p.A. has been selected to provide a new high-performance mold unit to the John Deere Foundry in Waterloo, Iowa.  
Our company will provide the John Deere facility a new automatic flask molding line (1830x1425x560/560 mm, 120 mph, and ten hours cooling), 610 metric tons/hour sand system and a complete shakeout system.

The purchase represents a significant portion of a $100 million foundry modernization program announced by John Deere in June. The sale is the largest in our history and potentially for all foundry equipment suppliers.

The new high-performance mold unit will perform in a fully automatic mode with new generation devices and new machine applications. John Deere selected our equipment for its technical solutions, robustness and quality, and especially for the Formimpress® high-pressure double-squeeze mold compaction process.
John Deere’s selection of Savelli brings together two companies with similar origins. Both companies – Deere in 1837 and Savelli in 1842 – began as one-man blacksmith shops.

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