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Successful start-up of German made MGM automatic moulding and pouring units

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Chinese foundry “Jilin Province Boqiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” successfully started up their new automatic moulding machine MGM-SM 9 and automatic pouring unit MGM-PU 100 supplied by the German start-up company Muschna Giesserei-Maschinen GmbH, Bad Laasphe. The machines are made in Germany and are complemented by equipment from SUZHU Foundry Machinery to fully automatic moulding line.

The design of the moulding machine MGM-SM (photo 1) involves an extra strong execution of the machine frame to avoid any vibration during the fast shuttle movement of compaction head (photo 2). This increases the stability and life time of the entire machine.

The moulds with flask size 940 x 660 x 280/280 mm are produced by airflow and multiram squeeze compaction with a productivity of 120 moulds per hour. The moulding machine is based on German components, such as the Siemens S7 controller.

Moulds, produced at the automatic moulding machine, are fully automatic poured by automatic pouring unit MGM-PU (photo 3) from a 1 ton ladle.

During pouring a new approach to the pouring process is used (photo 4). The MGM-PU automatic pouring unit uses a mathematic calculation of the pouring curve on basis of gating system data and metal absorption capacity of the mould as well as pouring weight. By this, the pouring process achieves a very high precision and the slow down and stop of pouring on the end of the pouring process is very smooth.

The usual lengthy set-up when introducing an automatic pouring is omitted, so that the start-up period is shortened. The visual camera control of the metal level in the pouring cup is used for confirmation of exact pouring execution and as safety control during pouring. Inoculation into the pouring stream occurs by volume dosing on basis of the pouring curve. 

MGM Muschna Giesserei-Maschinen, Bad Laasphe, is the Joint venture partner of Chinese foundry machinery supplier SUHZU Foundry Machinery, leading since 50 years in green sand moulding, automatic moulding plants, flasks, core machines and core handling systems, casting grinding and other foundry machinery. MGM produces several types of foundry machinery at an excellent German

machine building factory. Since GIFA 2015 MGM Muschna Giesserei-Maschinen extends the supply of SUZHU products into Europe.

Newly available is the MGM CNC Cut & Grinder, usable not only for CNC grinding of castings, but including the cutting of ricers on the same machine before grinding of the castings. The machine is highly productive due to the ergonomically designed turntable, on which the castings are set.