A message from Marina Giacopinelli, Managing Director of FUNDIGEX

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Difficult times are sweeping over not only Spain and Europe, but the whole world. Who could imagine that the predictions of a small lethal virus would come true so soon and put the whole world at stake. We were obviously not prepared. None of us were.

As a result of the pandemic, and the consequent lock-down in most countries, European industry in general has suffered a major setback. Obviously, the Spanish Foundry sector has followed the same tendency. 

And there lies the importance of resilience; the capacity of adapting to new situations and recover from tough ones without really being prepared for them. The ability to be flexible both in mind and structure in order to adapt to this new, and hopefully passing, circumstances.

If there is one thing that characterizes the Spanish Foundry sector, it’s the ability to overcome all sorts of crises. A long history of knowledge in the metal industry combined with the intrinsic ability not to surrender but to excel, has strengthen the Spanish Foundry Industry.

Spain is currently the fourth producer of casting parts in Europe, however it holds position number one when it comes to exports and that is, above all others, a consistent proof of its excellence.  

The strength of the industry has also created an important hub for local Spanish Equipment Manufacturers for the Foundry Industry. You can find Spanish Foundry Equipment Manufacturers all over the world, competing as equals with the most known brands, fully embracing the last tendencies in innovation and digital transformation. 

FUNDIGEX is the Casting Exporters’ Association from Spain, which main objective is to promote the Spanish Foundry industry; both Foundries and Equipment Manufacturers, internationally. We have been working actively since 1985 to give the Spanish Foundry Industry the attention it deserves and make sure it’s recognised as one of the main industries of its sort worldwide.

In these times, when international travels and events have been cancelled, our task gets harder to fulfil, however, we want to make sure that this message comes out. 

Although suffering from the consequences of the complicated situation of the main sector clients, such as automotive, die making, airspace, oil & gas etc., the Spanish Foundry Industry remains as reliable as ever and has, despite the lock-down, not ceased their production at any time. 

Nonetheless, it is a fact that we are going through a tough moment and it is therefore crucial that both Spanish authorities as well as the European counterparts acknowledge the situation and the importance of this particular industry in Europe and enables support mechanisms in order to safeguard its strength. 

From the Association, we are therefore making formal petitions to the authorities that they empower industry, as we distinguish it as the only way through this and future crisis. 


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