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TITAL re-certified according to NADCAP and IAQG

Worldwide only two investment casting foundries

in this category „Special processes“ have been observed

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The titanium and aluminum investment casting specialist TITAL GmbH has recently been recertified to comply with the EN / AS 9100 standard which has been elaborated by the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group). TITAL is one of only two investment casting foundries worldwide who have been certified and audited according to the strict regulations of NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) for all applicable special processes as well as the IAQG.

While the certifying company of this worldwide accepted standard monitors all business processes from contact review and order acceptance to order processing (production, final inspection and delivery) of a component, the NADCAP certifications concentrate on the accreditation of "special processes" during production and quality control. At TITAL, five of these processes exist. A "special process" is a work step where the altered technological or physical characteristics of the material cannot be identified directly but can only be determined by means of special measurements and analyses. A typical "special process" is the heat treatment of investment castings. The auditing process was carried out by several accredited inspectors of the Germanischer Lloyd. In Germany, the certification system itself is also monitored by the BDLI (German Aerospace Industries Association).

As a third party system the certifiers act as a representative for real and potential clients of TITAL (e.g. engine manufacturers like Rolls Royce, AgustaWestland or aircraft manufacturers like Airbus, Boeing and others). The recertification is valid until September 2012 but is monitored annually by the certifier Germanischer Lloyd.

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