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Lama Automation

Lama Automation highlights a new generation of high speed fourslide zinc die casting machines LamaCaster, Lama CombiCaster and Lama CombiCaster Wheel Weight

The new LamaCaster, Lama CombiCaster and Lama CombiCaster Wheel Weight machines from Lama Automation, a division of the international TitusPlus group, are four-slide die casting machines that offer significant productivity gains for manufacturers of small zinc alloy components.


Lama Caster
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The LamaCaster is a fast cycling four-slide machine for the highly efficient production of small and complex zinc die castings. It is a very fast and flexible machine that enables the creation of low inertia manufacturing systems. This type of manufacturing system is characterized by high levels of productivity, flexibility and competitiveness achieved through high cycle speeds, optimal raw material usage and low cost tooling that combine to deliver maximum process effectiveness.

The Lama CombiCaster incorporates all the benefits of the standard LamaCaster machine, but with additional functionality that enables the production of insert cast components. The Lama CombiCaster can produce combined zinc-steel products at similar production rates as the standard machine.

The Lama CombiCaster Wheel Weight machine builds on the proven Lama CombiCaster design. With the addition of a fast and precise clip transport and positioning system the Lama CombiCaster Wheel Weight is a very capable machine for zinc “lead-free” clip-on wheel weight manufacture. It can produce a full range of weights from 5g to 60g.

The LamaCaster, Lama CombiCaster and Lama CombiCaster Wheel Weight are effective and flexible solutions for companies that need to produce small and complex zinc die castings or who buy large volumes of small zinc die castings and would like to bring production in-house.

The machine and its associated process philosophy sit well with the mission of the Titusplus group of companies which is ‘‘to provide customers with products and services that improve overall productivity and quality while reducing manufacturing and assembly costs.”

“Our expertise in designing and building automated assembly systems for demanding customers from a wide spectrum of industries from metal through to automotive, electric and medical industries, combined with an extensive knowledge and long experience of die casting technology used in the manufacture of furniture hardware, has enabled us to develop an innovative solution for the efficient low-cost production of zinc die castings. Taking into consideration the increasingly competitive nature of markets and the importance of manufacturing productivity we believe strongly that our advanced die casting technology will receive a warm welcome from both producers of small zinc castings and companies that buy large volumes of die cast product.” said Samo Prodan, managing director of Lama Automation.

About Lama Automation and the Titusplus Group

Lama Automation is a fully autonomous Division of the TitusPlus group. It designs and manufactures automatic assembly machines, die-casting machines and all kinds of tooling. The automatic assembly machines are supplied to all sectors of industry; however Lama Automation specializes in the electrical, automotive and medical sectors. Historically, die casting machinery has only been built for the internal needs of the group but they are now available to the general market as part of the group’s ongoing growth strategy. Lama Automation has a 30-year history of machine manufacture and a specialist knowledge that enables it to provide customers with first class equipment and ongoing technical support.

The international TitusPlus group provides customers with solutions that help them to be more competitive through improved productivity and quality, reduced manufacturing costs and faster and easier assembly. The group comprises the furniture hardware solutions Titus for connecting fittings, Lama for concealed hinges and soft closing solutions, Titusonic for ultrasound fastening technology, Huwil for glass fittings, automotive components and Lama damper for multi-purpose damping technology and Lama Automation for automation systems, tools and die-casting technologies.



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