Trimet on course for further growth

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Aluminum manufacturer presents results for the 2016/2017 financial year

Trimet Aluminium SE has confirmed its sales and earnings in a volatile market environment and created conditions for long-term growth. In the 2016/2017 financial year (June 30), the family business generated sales of approximately €1.24 billion. Its 1,600 employees produced some 625,000 tons of primary and recycled aluminum. With further investments in plants and infrastructure and the flexibilization of production, the materials specialist set the course for further growth and meeting the future demand for aluminum. With an equity ratio of nearly 50 percent, the medium-sized company is well equipped for the challenges of a dynamic market. In addition to Trimet Aluminium SE, the Trimet Group includes Trimet France SAS, with two production sites in France, and Trimet Automotive Holding GmbH, with its subsidiaries in Harzgerode and Sömmerda. In the last financial year, the Trimet Group generated total sales of approximately €1.7 billion with a total of 3,000 employees.

The Trimet Aluminium SE production facilities ran at peak capacities in the 2016/2017 financial year. The aluminum plants in Essen, Hamburg, and Voerde produced some 390,000 tons of primary aluminum. The refineries in Gelsenkirchen and Harzgerode also ran at full capacity. A total of 235,000 tons of recycled aluminum were produced. Approximately 210,000 tons of the total production were supplied in the form of liquid metal, and the remaining 415,000 tons as formats or ingots. All Trimet locations have profited from investments during the past financial year. In addition to new, highly efficient production facilities, these include modernized warehouses and infrastructure measures. Investments totaling €47 million were offset by slightly higher net earnings than the previous year totaling €34 million.

“After integrating new production sites in previous years, last year we prepared Trimet for continued and stable future growth. This included continued investments in all areas of the company, as well as adjustments to the company structure. The companies of the Trimet Group work closely together on a strategic and operational level, and are also closely interlinked in terms of staffing. This allows us to flexibly and efficiently serve complex customer requests,” says Dr. Martin Iffert, CEO of Trimet Aluminium SE.

E-mobility provides additional momentum to the growth driver automotive manufacturing

Automotive construction is still the growth driver of the aluminum industry. The trend towards e-mobility requires an increasing number of special components, such as battery casings and cable harnesses made of the lightweight metal. Irrespective of the drive technology, the aluminum content in structural bodywork components is steadily increasing. Innovative alloys open up new applications for aluminum in this area.

“Automobile manufacturing is changing, and electro-mobility is also playing an increasingly important role in the recycling and supply industries. As a producer of innovative alloys for a wide range of automotive construction applications, Trimet is part of this development,” explains Iffert.

Socially engaged family business

Trimet is committed to Germany as an industrial location and assumes social responsibility as a family business. This includes training young people for a longterm career at the company. A total of 65 apprentices started their apprenticeships in technical and commercial professions during the past financial year. These included participants from the Trimet Training Initiative for Refugees. In addition to the regular training positions, twelve young people who have fled to Germany have begun their professional careers at Trimet. They are supported by employees in a mentor program and are prepared for the requirements of regular vocational training through special qualification measures and language courses.

“Industrial production is integrative. By offering jobs, the industry ensures a secure livelihood for many people, opens career advancement opportunities, and enables social participation. As a family-run business, Trimet also aims to provide career prospects to young people who have been driven from their native homelands by war and violence, giving them the opportunity to live a selfdetermined life here,” says Iffert.

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