UK - Aisin Automotive celebrates 20 years in Laurel with open house

Lesedauer: min

A car show and free food brought dozens out to Aisin Automotive in London on Saturday to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary.

Aisin also had open house, and provided guided plant tours during which the company’s production process was explained. The plant includes areas for machining, die casting and assembly.

Shelby Hampton, who served as one of the tour guides, said the company is always looking for better ways to make its products and improve working conditions.

“If you can think of something that would make your job easier, they’ll do it,” Hampton said. “It doesn’t matter what it costs.”

The plant includes an area designated the Kaizen department. Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning gradual, orderly, continuous improvement. Hampton said this area is where ideas for improvements in any area of the company are worked on.

Aisin produces auto parts for a wide variety of vehicles, including many Toyota models. The company has 730 employees.