US - Palmer Trucks Expands With New Facility In Indianapolis, Will Add 220 Jobs

An Indiana trucking and logistics company is expanding in Indianapolis as the coronavirus pandemic increases demand in the industry. The company plans to add 220 jobs in the next couple of years.

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Palmer Trucks will use the former Celadon Group’s 140,000 square foot facility in Indianapolis after Celadon filed for bankruptcy and closed last December.

The company said it will invest more than $17 million in the Indianapolis area between current operations at its dealership on the west side and the new location where it will sell Kenworth commercial truck sales and provide parts and services.

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett said the announcement comes at a time when people and cities are struggling from COVID-19.

“Two things we have learned during this crisis is that the economy needs consistency and it needs our supply chain, especially the trucking industry,” said Hogsett.

Palmer Trucks is also converting a portion of the facility into a training center for diesel technicians, which CEO John Nichols said are in high demand.

“The point and click industry; you know with the Amazon, the FedEx and the e-commerce business growing, we see that growing that much more,” said Nichols. “And so the need for technicians and parts personnel and anything we can do to support those trucks on the road is where we’ll see a majority of that growth.”

Palmer Trucks was offered almost $3 million in conditional tax credits from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

The multi-state company plans to begin hiring in August and have the location fully operational this fall.