US scrap exports dropped by 21.7pct YoY in September

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According to statistics, the US exported 1.636 million tons of scraps in September 2012, slumping by 21.7% YoY and falling by 21.5% MoM.

In September 2012, Turkey was the largest importer of the US scrap with 656,000 tons, soaring by 43.3% YoY; South Korea was the second largest one with 254,000 tons, rising by 34.4% YoY and Taiwan was the third largest one with 238,000 tons, falling by 34% YoY.

In the first nine months of 2012, the country's scrap exports amounted to 16.938 million tons, decreasing by 10.6% YoY.

It's estimated that the country’s scrap exports would reach 22.58 million tons.

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