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US - Signicast Selects TGW for Automation

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TGW, a leading material handling equipment and integrated logistics solutions provider, announced that Signicast, the world's leading provider of investment castings, selected TGW to supply two separate automated material handling systems for the company's facilities near Milwaukee, Wisconsin (US).

Signicast provides investment casting metal parts for leading industrial assembly and manufacturing companies. Companies use this process to create highly accurate, intricate metal shapes that can't be produced by normal manufacturing techniques, or for metals that are hard to machine or fabricate.

Signicast will install two Mustang Evolution automated mini-load storage and retrieval systems(AS/RS). One will be used for heat treated parts and the other as a shipping buffer for finished goods. The automated systems are slated to go live in early 2012.

Signicast selected TGW based on the company's full depth and breadth of both functionality and experience. "TGW's more advanced technology offering, both from their equipment and from their staff made for a solution that completely matched to our requirements," said Tom Resch of Signicast. "The TGW approach to our solution was innovative and their attention to detail top notch. We're excited to have both systems installed and operational in a new module area we are developing."

Automation solutions continue to evolve, both in the complexity of the solution and of the knowledge required to operate them. "More and more companies are replacing original automation systems and those putting in their first systems are much more knowledgeable about the solutions that are available to them," said Larry Strayhorn, President and CEO of TGW Systems (US). "TGW offers the level of knowledge and understanding required to design, manufacture, install and lifetime service solutions like these to an ever more savvy audience."