USA - Huron Casting Is Expanding Its Facilities

Lesedauer: min

PIGEON, Mich. - Local officials announced Monday the approval of $2.1 million in state and federal grants that clear the way for the construction of a major manufacturing plant that will create at least 150 new full-time jobs.

Huron Casting, a longtime Pigeon manufacturer of steeling castings that has 397 full-time employees, is investing $20 million to add a 208,000-square-foot foundry owned and operated by its subsidiary Blue Diamond Steel Casting LLC.

The operation will use a new “no-bake” molding process that allows the company to produce much larger castings and expand its customer base.

In addition to creating at least 150 full-time jobs at the plant, the project will create jobs now for construction workers and others to prepare roads and utilities for the foundry.

“By working together and fighting for each and every job, we are moving the Thumb forward and getting our working families back on their feet,” said Terry Brown, the state-representative for Pigeon who had a hand in acquiring the state and federal grants.

“There is no better place to live than in the Thumb and no better workforce to hire than ours, and I believe this is just the beginning of more and more families and businesses discovering that.”