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USA - Image Casting Makes Parts for New World Trade Center

Lesedauer: min

Image Casting, Oxnard, Calif., has completed an order for 11,000 castings that form part of the 9/11 memorial currently being built as part of the new World Trade Center in New York.

The 10-12 in., 316 stainless steel “needle” castings create a waterfall in the memorial pool on the World Trade Center grounds. The castings were a natural fit for the investment casting facility, which has produced parts for a fountain maker in the past.

The owners of Image Casting, which primarily serves the aerospace, automotive, energy and medical industries, also maintain an art casting facility, Masters in Metal, that helped it in creating the 9/11 memorial parts.

“We make castings that are both structural…and part of [art] exhibits,” said Pat Bhave, vice president of sales for both companies. “We are fortunate that we have people in both aspects.”