USA - Neenah Enterprises, Inc. Announces Closure of Gregg Industries

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Neenah Enterprises, Inc. (NEI) Chief Executive Officer Robert Ostendorf today announced the decision of NEI's board to close its Gregg Industries, Inc. facility due to the poor economy and declining sales. Gregg Industries, Inc., located in El Monte, California, is a manufacturer of iron castings for trucks and heavy machinery. "Most of the remaining 225 workers at Gregg will receive notices this week that the plant will close approximately in mid-May 2009. We are acting in accordance with the United States Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) and California regulations, giving employees 60 days notice of our closure," stated Jeff Hillier, vice president and general manager of Gregg Industries. Gregg Industries, operating out of El Monte, California, since the 1940's, was one of the nation's leading manufacturers of complex, highly cored ferrous, high quality iron castings for the industrial, automotive and truck industries, making engine parts that help keep the air clean. Gregg's facilities cover eight acres of land in the City of El Monte, California.

About Neenah Enterprises, Inc. and Neenah Foundry Company

Neenah Enterprises, Inc. is the indirect parent holding company of Neenah Foundry Company. Neenah Foundry Company and its subsidiaries manufacture and market a wide range of iron castings and steel forgings for the heavy municipal market and selected segments of the industrial markets. Neenah is one of the largest independent foundry companies in the United States, with substantial market share in the municipal and various industrial markets for gray and ductile iron castings and forged steel products.

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