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USA - Precision Metalsmiths, Inc Announces Production Quality Prototypes

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Mr David Dolata, CEO & Chairman of Precision Metalsmiths, Inc, (know as PMI in the industry) is pleased to announce PMI accepts delivery of the latest technology to build wax patterns for direct investment casting from 3D CAD files. This state of the art equipment is capable of building individual prototypes of production quality or very short run parts directly from solid model files, without the need for expensive tooling, providing unprecedented resolution, surface finish, and dimensional accuracy, not previously available. Attempts at using patterns made from UV or laser cured resins had only minimal success in direct investment casting. Older true wax prototype machines have support witness issues fully eliminated by this latest build technology which uses support material that dissolves away from the pattern before casting leaving all surfaces with an excellent surface finish. Call PMI today for more information on how this latest technology can help reduce your development costs or time to market.