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WEBINAR: Modernizing 3D Sand Core Production With Inorganic Binder

More sustainable 3D printing of cores is now possible with binder jet printing of inorganic binder.

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The topic of sustainable manufacturing is increasingly the focus of governments, regulations and within industry itself. Now, binder jet sand 3D printing with inorganic binders opens new opportunities to produce sand cores in a resource-friendly way. Foundries and other companies, such as those in the automotive industry, can now pursue a more ecologically conscious approach, while tapping all the benefits of sand 3D printing for complex part production.


Andy Nagy - VP Printing Systems @ExOne
Andy Nagy joined ExOne GmbH as Managing Director in December 2019. As the Vice President Printing Systems of the ExOne company, he oversees the development and operations of all ExOne binder jet 3D printing systems, including both sand and metal machines. Mr. Nagy has led and successfully grown several businesses as a General Manager in global technology companies over the last 15 years, primarily in the semiconductor machine supply industry. He spent three years in the United States, working in R&D for a 2D digital printing joint venture of Eastman Kodak and Heidelberg Printing Press, before he took on leadership roles in R&D, product management, business development and strategic marketing. He received his degree at the Technical University of Munich in Mechanical Engineering.

Amine Serghini - VP Global Sales and Marketing at HÜTTENES-ALBERTUS Chemische Werke GmbH
Amine Serghini started studying Foundry Engineering at the University of Duisburg, Germany in 1989 and successfully completed his degree as a Foundry Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) in 1992. Amine Serghini currently works for Hüttenes-Albertus, a well-known supplier of chemical products for foundries. For many years he was responsible for the marketing and further development of the Cold-Box products. Since the beginning of 2013 he has taken over the role as Vice President Sales & Marketing, which comprises the sales activities of the international Hüttenes-Albertus Group.

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