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What if ABP moved in with you?

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It is always good to have experts in your company who know their way around: in your case, with your equipment, your technology, and your production. With MyABP, we can move into your company, so our experts are always there when support is needed to ensure maximum availability of your plant and production.

Naturally, MyABP performs like a well-behaved guest.  The system does not snoop around in your data, but only learns what you want it to learn.  MyABP understands the data provided, and can support you directly.  It allows ABP support to see your plant through your eyes. Augmented reality makes this possible.

Virtual housekeeping works like this: If there is a deviation in production, either ABP apps or the customer opens a service ticket. If support is needed to solve the problem, help is available to the customer via myABP portal.

The main tool that will be used to accomplish this is Augmented Reality.  It will allow our ABP experts to see what you see. Just use AR glasses, a smartphone or a tablet.  Work hands-free or call up operating instructions, and view hem in the glasses. The most important aspect for you is that you are supported by an ABP expert and benefit from expert ABP know-how. All important information is directly visible because all information from the call is automatically stored in the ticket.

For example, the ABP technician will help you to identify the right replacement part, should your system require service. The ABP expert can virtually go through various settings on the system with you to rule out an operation error. He can assist your employee to perform simple actions that can already lead to a solution of the problem at a minimum of expense. 

And: The ABP service is available quickly, as long waiting times for a service appointment or technician availability are no longer an issue. The new ABP service is not stuck in traffic or at an airport but comes to you at top speed via the data highway. 

This is also in the interest of the environment: if long emergency drives can be avoided in this way, CO2 output is reduced and the environment is spared.

Your advantage as a host: fast, efficient help and great savings potential on the cost side. And when it comes to time: It no longer plays a role. The solution is directly available: without major downtimes, without waiting times for the service appointment, and at a reasonable price. As the advantages consist of a reduced reaction time, you can benefit from the experience of our experts without travel costs and find documentation of all services and solutions in one place. In this way, ABP supports fast troubleshooting and correct maintenance.

And it has an added value for the future: This creates a knowledge database with service protocols, problem solutions and much more. Take advantage of the skills of our worldwide service team to have the opportunity to receive round-the-clock support. You can then go into error analysis and use it to develop new recommendations for action, maintenance orders, and training courses. All this is managed centrally via MyABP - you always have the system status with all available services in mind. 

MyABP can do even more: At GIFA 2019 ABP presents the departure into the digital world of hybrid service solutions, under the label #ENTER. 

ABP brings more intelligence into the furnace systems - for maximum productivity, maximum availability and optimum quality on your side.



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