Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry adds location

Castings producer purchases aluminum foundry operator based in Minnesota.

Lesedauer: min

Manitowoc, Wisconsin-based Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry (WAF) has acquired fellow castings producer DEE Inc. of Crookston, Minnesota, according to regional media reports.

Green Bay, Wisconsin-based WLUK-TV is among the outlets reporting the transaction, saying the acquisition has been designed to allow the newly combined company to expand its operations and create new opportunities and increased capacity.

The TV station quotes WAF CEO Sachin Shivaram as saying, “DEE has a dedicated and skilled workforce that operates much of the same equipment as our Manitowoc plant, making it a natural extension of our business as we look to meet the growth in our customers’ demand for aluminum castings. It also creates new opportunities as manufacturing continues to evolve, so we envision significant growth at DEE as well as [at] Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry.”

On its website, DEE says its 96,000-square-foot foundry is equipped to allow it “to build small to large castings with a wide variety of complexity.”

The WAF website describes that firm as a more diversified castings nonferrous foundry that offers “a wide range of services in aluminum, bronze and brass castings; specializing in permanent mold casting; green sand casting and green sand molding; air set sand casting; [and] no-bake sand casting.”

WLUK says the latest acquisition by WAF comes less than a year after it purchased Wabash Castings of Wabash, Indiana.