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Exclusive | LEAP 7000T Delivered to Changan Auto

The highly anticipated delivery of two LEAP 7000T ultra-large die-casting machines by YIZUMI to the revered Changan Auto has great excitement throughout the industry on August 28.


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YIZUMI has achieved another significant breakthrough in the realm of ultra-large machinery after the delivery of the 8500T ultra-large injection molding machine. It's a pivotal milestone for YIZUMI in the field of metal forming.

The LEAP 7000T ultra-large die-casting machines, a culmination of relentless research and innovation by YIZUMI, are poised to meet the demand of integrated die-casting in NEV manufacturing.

Empowering the Future of Integrated Die-casting for Changan Auto

As a vanguard in automotive manufacturing, Changan Auto has always set up the integrated die-casting in its strategic development of lightweight, with the boomer development of NEV. The 7000T machines will be applied to produce front and rear floor panels for new NEVs. It further strengthens Changan’s competitive edge in the realm of integrated die-casting.

YIZUMI ultra-large die-casting machine were well recognized by customers

Focusing on the new strategy, the LEAP series die-casting machine was mutually developed by international R&D team with decades of experience in die-casting. To integrating advanced technologies from China and Europe, YIZUMI has conducted independent research and development in an all-round way and owned completely independent intellectual property rights. LEAP series not only can satisfy the higher requirement of the rapid development of die-casting industry on the performance, function and complete die-casting process, it could also provide smart solutions to better understand demands from customers. It adapts different types of complicated die-casting process and makes die-casting easier.

When the LEAP series debuted to public since July 2021, YIZUMI has developed die-casting machine size from medium to ultra-large of the LEAP series ranging from 380T to 9000T.

The delivery of the LEAP 7000T to Changan Auto not only heralds a momentous achievement for YIZUMI but also signifies China's rising prowess in the global manufacturing arena. With development of integrated die-casting, ultra-large die-casting machines remains the ineluctable trajectory of global manufacturing. The symbiotic collaboration marks the passage into a new era of NEV manufacturing and has laid the groundwork for the development of NEV revolution.



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