ALUCAST, s.r.o.

Tupesy 100,, 68707 Tupesy, Tschechien


Our services and technologies

For the production of castings we use precision casting technologies, Rapid Prototyping including 3D modeling, our own casting processes ANNA and JF casting and professional machining centers.

Thanks to modern technologies, we produce magnesium and aluminum castings with a fine material structure and high mechanical parameters.

We are able to cast castings with complicated shapes and cavities.

We produce custom-made piece castings and serial production.


Tupesy 100,
68707 Tupesy

Telefon +450 572 597 785

Pressemitteilungen & News

Foundry of Excellence – Alucast, s.r.o. is a leading European producer of precision aluminum and magnesium castings.

As one of the few companies in Europe, we use the latest technological processes...
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