SILUM Sp. z o.o.

Opojowice 51, 98-310 Czarnożyły, Poland


SILUM is private limited liability company established in 1990.

The main scope of the company’s activity is the production of pressure mould castings made of Al-Si alloys. Silum started out with producing of small castings parts using two 1600 KN machines. It has expanded its possession for the past 15 years and now it has twenty: from 2600 up to 13000 KN pressure machines. At the moment we are producing castings with the mass of several grams to 8000 grams. Together with development of the production capacity of the casting house the infrastructure, especially the tool-room and machining workshop, connected with its functioning has also been developing. In 1997 two new companies were isolated from SILUM. They are: SILTOOL Tool Factory which produces casting instrumentation and SILBIKE which performs the machining of castings as well as produces steel elements made by machining on machining centers and other numerically controlled automatic centers.

The Quality Control System based on the ISO 9001:2000, IATF 16949, 14001 standard introduced in 1999 ensures high quality level of the manufactured goods and rendered services as well as efficient attendance to our customers.

Our highly skilled staff beginning with the Managing Board, supervising staff, technical service workers as well as administration, economic-financial personnel and workers in manufacturing areas are always at our customers’ disposal.

The range of SILUM production consists of approximately 450 items of pressure castings. Main purchasers of our products are producers of household goods, automotive goods, gas regulators as well as manufactures of electrotechnical goods. A great percentage of our products is exported to EU countries.


Opojowice 51
98-310 Czarnożyły

Telefon +48 43 841 63 80

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