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Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic (ATM) is dedicated to being the world leader in induction melting and heating equipment along with the associated services related to our core business. Continuous improvements and a dedication to the latest technology allow ATM to “raise the bar” on the performance level of all aspects of our business. ATM is committed to providing the quality and value in all our products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. Our employees share this commitment and have the authority and responsibility to prevent the delivery of any product or service that does not meet our quality standards.

ATM Field Service Engineers are strategically located worldwide to ensure a prompt response to our customers’ needs. The service engineers are trained to handle the most difficult field problems and to service all makes of induction equipment. Field service is available 24 hours a day through one central telephone number.

Key Staff Members

John Caruso, Vice President Global Sales - jcaruso@ajaxtocco.com
Darrell Bragg - Senior Product Manager - Coreless and LPS Products - dbragg@ajaxtocco.com
Tom Elson, Director of Sales – Eastern Region - telson@ajaxtocco.com
Paul Choinard , Director of Sales – Western Region - pchoinard@ajaxtocco.com

Company History:

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic is the world’s leading and oldest manufacturer of induction heating and melting equipment with world wide operations.

Founded in 1916, Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic pioneered most of the technology for induction melting systems now in use throughout most of the world. Its list of firsts is long and impressive and includes the largest induction furnaces ever built and the largest induction heating installation in the world, 210 MW. Relying heavily on research and development, Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic has introduced equipment to the industry by which all others are measured.


Induction Foundry Systems - Service, Support & Manufacturing

• Coreless & Channel Furnaces
• Power Supplies
• Ferrous & Non-ferrous
• Melting, Holding & Duplexing
• Retrofits & Rebuilds
• Coil Repair
• Parts & Service
• Installation & Construction

24 / 7 Customer Service: 800-547-1527


1745 Overland Ave NE
44483-2860 Warren, OH

Telefon +18005471527

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