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6 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, F-08330 Vrigne-Aux-Bois, France


Founded in 1979 JML is a global supplier of industrial equipment to foundries. We not only help foundries optimize their capacity, productivity and quality but we also help install and update existing equipment. 

JML has two key sites; one at Vrigne-aux-Bois on the Belgium-Luxembourg border and a second in Germany. Working closely with international partners, we are able to distribute globally and we regularly work with foundries in Iran, Russia and China. 

Growth at JML

Founded by Jean Michel Lavoisier, our headquarters are located in Vrigne au Bois near the Belgium border where the metalworking industry is located.
We began supplying an important automotive constructor in France with foundry products leading to rapid growth.
JML doubled its capacities in the engineering department and we began using SOLID WORKS to support more complex projects.
JML Germany was founded.
Workshop capacity is doubled and significant investment is made in production equipment.
New painting cabinet purchased in compliance with safety regulations.
Laser cutting machine purchased and warehouse expansion completed.
New building added to existing site to allow for build of even larger equipment giving an additional covered working area of 10,000 m².


Our areas of expertise are:

Benefits of working with JML

Performance improvement
The improvements that come with JML equipment allow you to produce your parts more efficiently and to a higher standard. With reduced downtime you are able to fulfill client orders quickly and improve your delivery rates. The improvements in output quality help to maintain your foundry reputation and gain client loyalty.
We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service to our clients. We do this through a clear investment in people, processes and technology. 
JML equipment meets the industry standards that you would expect. Combined with high quality material selection for the construction, your investment remains high performing for years. 
We use cutting edge software to develop our plans and years of hands on expertise to build them. We will soon be celebrating 40 years since the first JML Industries site was created at Vrigne-au-Bois in the heart of the Metallurgical industry. We have helped hundreds of foundries make better use of their site space and improve their output capacity. As industry experts we bring the knowledge of our 80 strong team to the projects to deliver the optimum results.

We have an incredible technical design team who will work with your site team to build a high-grade bespoke solution. Your budget, site capacity and production line will all be taken into account and we will revisit the plan multiple times before the final sign-off. Using the latest software we are able to calculate the resistance of the frames by finite measures. The team is also trained to evaluate and include dedusting filters in the plan.

SOLIDWORLS 3D is used internationally by millions of companies, including JML. This software allows us to quickly make changes and resolve any design issues that may occur. The SOLIDWORKS simulation is an efficient analytical tool that allows our team to visualize the impact of different operating situations and conditions. This helps us to develop the best possible equipment for your foundry.

Once the plans for your equipment have been finalized we begin production. There are rigorous quality checks in place and your project manager will keep you updated throughout the build.
When the build and control phase is complete we ship your equipment:

You will be updated on the progress of your equipment and our team will be on site to manage the installation and on-boarding.

Our relationship doesn’t end with the delivery of your equipment. We are on hand for questions and are available for technical revisions. At all our sites we also stock a large number of spare parts; perfect for when the unexpected happens. 

Our desire to delight
Our company objective is to surpass all technical expectations and develop a strong future partnership with our clients. We can only develop partnerships when we have exceptional client satisfaction, something that we have been able to achieve since our creation in 1979.
We have high client retention and a large percentage of our business comes through referrals. Our process of working with your site staff ensures that all key stakeholders are aware of the project progress and key milestones. 

Key steps in a JML build:

  • Site visit and audit
  • Initial proposal and sketches
  • Review and revision
  • 2nd site visit to finalise measurements and requirements
  • Proposal of build costs
  • Development of 3D plan and drawings
  • Project sign off
  • Build phase
  • Quality control
  • Shipping
  • 3rd site visit, installation and training
  • Project review
  • 4th site visit post installation to review performance


6 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
F-08330 Vrigne-Aux-Bois

Telefon +33 324 52 1397

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