Alfredstr. 28, 45130 Essen, Germany



Küttner offers planning and modernization of entire foundries and provides beside the initial engineering services also the fabrication, erection and start-up of complete plant areas – all from a single source.

Küttner is world-wide known for the construction of modern cupola and also provides for many years sand preparation plants for green sand and reclamation systems for no-bake sands. Handling systems for serial and large castings on vibrating equipment are also part of the product range. All controls for machines and plants are made in-house with latest process logic and comprehensive data processing system from our Küttner Automation specialists.

Since 2014 the construction of centrifugal casting machines not only for cast iron but also for steel and NF-metals was started as a new technology for Küttners’ foundry portfolio.


Alfredstr. 28
45130 Essen

Telefon +49 201 7293 0

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Smarter solutions for the world ’s toughest challenges

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