Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery Ltd.

Morley Way, PE2 7BW Peterborough, United Kingdom



Omega started out as the foundry division of Baker Perkins, who in the early 1970's produced the world's first continuous mixer and sand reclamation plant for the Furan process. They soon after developed the first 'Carousel' rotary moulding system Fascold no-bake Coreshooter and HSM high speed mixer.

In 1984 there was a management buyout which led to the company separating from BP and re-forming as Omega Foundry Machinery Limited. From that time Omega has grown to incorporate a head office and manufacturing facility in Peterborough UK, a JV company in the USA, India and Australia, as well as registered in Turkey. Now with a network of more than 50 worldwide agents, Omega has become one of the largest suppliers of no-bake equipment worldwide.

In 2009, Omega took control of Richards Engineering which gave Thermal Reclamation, Chromite Separation and Sand Coating technology to the group.

Omega's UK headquarters


In 2001 Omega was awarded the UK Department for Trade and Industry Award for exports and in 2009 we were the recipients of the prestigious 'Queens Award for Enterprise and Innovation'

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Mark Fenyes (Chairman) receives the award from Queen Elizabeth II


Omega also has a research and development centre with Mechanical Reclamation, Thermal Reclamation, Secondary Attrition and Mixing facilities together with a full sand testing laboratory.

Omega has the ability to provide full turn-key solutions to suit all of today's foundry needs as well as full spares and service back-up throughout the world.











Group Logos

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Inhouse contact

General Sales and Spares Enquiries

Tel : 0044 (0)1733 232231

FAX: 0044 (0)1733 237012


Channel of Distribution worldwide

AUSTRALIA: Cast Metal Services Pty Ltd. as well as WES Omega Foundry Machinery (PTY) Ltd
BRAZIL: Bell Industria Metallurgica Ltda
CHINA: Tao Solution
KOREA: Phil Corporation
SOUTH AFRICA: Mondeco Solutions


  • Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering
  • Moulding and core making
    • Moulding machines and plants for non bentonite-bonded moulds
      • Cold-setting resin moulding process, equipment
      • Shell moulding process, equipment
      • Waterglass process, equipment
      • Moulding machines and plants, other processes
    • Core making machines and plants
      • Core blowing and shooting machines and plants
      • Core making machines, other
    • Moulding and core making machines accessories
      • Gassing equipment for moulds and cores
      • Dosing devices for binders and additives
      • Mould handling equipment
      • Core handling equipment
      • Automated core/mould manipulation systems
      • Coating preparation
      • Moulding and coremaking machines, other accessories
  • Moulding sand preparation and sand reclamation
    • Moulding sand preparation
      • Moulding sand mixer
      • Magnetic separators
      • Sand coolers
      • Separators for chromite and silica sand, zircon and silica sand
    • Sand reclamation, plants and machines
      • Sand reclamation of sodium silicate and cement bonded sands
      • Sand reclamation of synthetic resin bonded sands
  • Moulding auxiliaries
  • Knock-out, fettling and finishing
    • Knock-out
      • Knock-out machines
  • Transportation and storage
    • Pneumatic conveyors
    • Bunkers, silos and accessories
  • Manipulation
  • Control systems
    • Control equipment, automation technology
  • Exhaust and ventilation technology
  • Enviromental protection and waste removal
    • Flue gas cleaning plants
    • Dust extraction systems
  • Consultation, planning, services
  • Training, further education




  • Continuous mixers 1 to 100 tonnes per hour
  • Carousel moulding lines for mould sizes 800mm x 600mm up to 1600mm x 1200mm
  • Fast Loop moulding lines for mould sizes 1000mm x 800mm up to 7000mm x 1500mm
  • Sand Reclamation 1 to 40 tonnes per hour, 5 different models available
  • Carousel moulding lines
  • Fast Loop moulding lines
  • Sand Reclamation 1 to 40 tonnes per hour
  • Chromite Separation from 2 to 5 tonnes per hour
  • Thermal Reclamation from 100kg to 12 tonnes per hour
  • Secondary Attrition Plants up to 5 tonnes per hour
  • Coreshooters & Gas Generators 2.5L to 130L
  • Amine Gas Scrubbing Systems
  • Sand Coating Plants for shell (croning) and FRAC sand


Morley Way
PE2 7BW Peterborough
United Kingdom

Telefon +4401733232231

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