SIR S.p.a.

Strada Nazionale del Canaletto Centro, 450 , 41122 Modena (Mo), Italy


SIR was founded in 1984 by Luciano Passoni, an engineer who had the idea of combining the experience of three companies (an electronic one, a mechanics one and an important technical design office) under the same shareholding structure, merging them together in a single business. The result was an engineering company committed to robot integration.

SIR therefore specialised in the analysis of needs and issues in companies from the most diverse sectors, working with them to obtain the best possible solutions in terms of flexibility, performance and investment.

SIR designs robotic cells and lines down to the smallest detail, shares its solutions with the client and assembles the plants in its premises, to allow the customer to carry out a complete check about their performance and functionality before final delivery and installation. In its 5,000 sqm headquarters, SIR – with a staff of 111 employees and more than 50 people working indirectly for it – develops and installs approximately 120 systems per year, customised in order to meet the specific needs of every single customer. In over 35 years of activity, the company developed more than 3,800 robotised systems in Italy and worldwide, with customers spanning from small artisan businesses to the world’s major multinational corporations.



Design: the company’s know-how in designing is the result of over 40 years of engineering work for the metalworking and mechanical industry and, in particular, for the most important European companies in the automotive and foundry sectors, with solutions that include handling, heavy and light processes, machining, assembly and welding. 
The mechanical and electronic technical offices, with a staff of 40 people dedicated to the solutions design, working with 2D and 3D CAD workstations and off-line analysis and programming systems, allow SIR to successfully tackle and meet complex market demands in terms of flexible automation.

Machine tools sector: SIR has a significant know-how in loading/unloading any kind of machine tool, having the hardware and software skills required for the integration of robots and machines.

Assembly sector: the company can develop and manufacture complete flexible robotic assembly lines.

Aluminium, cast iron and steel foundry sector: SIR realizes robotics solutions for core handling, core assembly, mould assembly, deburring, cutting, removal of risers, gravity and low pressure casting, die casting, grinding and polishing. The company has developed numerous applications in all kind of foundry processes with key products in the sector.

Computer science: the research and development department can analyse and develops state-of-the-art vision and supervision systems, including solutions for realizing a successful interface between automation and the customer’s data processing and production control centres.

The after-sales customer support, including scheduled maintenance contracts and remote assistance systems, ensures a prompt and efficient service worldwide.


Strada Nazionale del Canaletto Centro, 450
41122 Modena (Mo)

Telefon +39 059 31 64 811

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