APF – Associação Portuguesa de Fundição

Rua Eng. Ezequiel Campos, 525, , 1º4100-233 PortoTel, Portugal


The Portuguese Foundry Association (APF), officially created on February 25, 1964, is a private body, nationwide, where the most representative Portuguese foundries are grouped, which in terms of production reaches about 90% of all the castings produced in the country. The Portuguese Foundry Association currently brings together companies, managers and workers in the field of foundry and related industries and organizes, on a regular basis, Congresses (the XVIII took place on May 17, 2018), some of which are international.


Rua Eng. Ezequiel Campos, 525,
1º4100-233 PortoTel

Telefon (+351) 226 090 675
Website www.apf.com.pt

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