Save running costs and increase your output while achieving first-class casting quality

Save running costs and increase your output while achieving first-class casting quality

A Comparison of Low Pressure vs. Counter Pressure Casting

To all Tier1 suppliers: Counter Pressure is not the only proven process to cast high-quality parts. With Low Pressure you can achieve at least equal quality while saving money for your OEMs at the same time!

Both processes are not as different from each other as one might think at first: the filling of the mold happens at the same differential pressure in both processes!

Optimize your foundry and don’t miss the chance to save a lot of money!

What you learn in this webinar:

  • The key factors for a successful casting process!
  • How to generate less power consumption!
  • How to get a great CO2 foot print!
  • How to increase your output!

You should definitely attend this webinar when

  • you have a current enquiry for the production of a casting
  • you think about investing in a new casting machine
  • you look for decreasing your power consumption
  • you want to lower CO2 emissions now
  • you want to get a 2-6 % higher OEE of your casting line
  • you want to hear about hard facts and confirmed casting results
  • you love numbers because you get insights into lifetime costs
  • you want to learn about less maintenance in total and especially for the mould
  • you are interested to meet the heart of Low Pressure Casting
  • you want to know more about Low Pressure Casting advantages

Low Pressure vs. Counter Pressure – a real-life example

Depending on the application we have already replaced 12 counter pressure casting machines with 8 low pressure casting machines.

Sounds interesting? We think so too!

Register for this webinar and get in touch with us! In the webinar you get a short process overview but more importantly information and insights you have not heard before!

Check out the video about a Kurtz Automated Low Pressure Foundry to get in the mood for the topic.

The Webinar of Kurtz Casting Solutions is available from November 6, 2023.

Meet the Expert during Euroguss 2024!

We warmly invite you to meet our Low Pressure Casting experts in personal and deepen conversation about the webinar content at EUROGUSS 2024 in Nürnberg!

Visit us in hall 7A, booth 650 from January 16 to 18, 2024.

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