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AMAFOND Conference 2014

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The Amafond Conference was held at Villa Fenaroli Palace in Brescia Italy on November 14, and resulted in great success with the participation of about 280 guests.
Various topics were covered surrounding the main theme of internationalization, which is important for Italian companies.
Many interesting contributions were made as Gabriele Galante, President of the European CEMAFON, presented how Italian suppliers of machinery and plants for foundries and AMAFOND represent a worldwide excellence and has increased in number.
President ASSOFOND, Roberto Ariotti, unfortunately reported a drop in production for the Italian iron foundries in the last period. Marco Bonometti, AIB President Industrial Association of Brescia and OMR Automotive, spurred us with his passion instead and that we should have courage in evaluating a change of production, most aluminum castings and machines for aluminum.

A positive sign for the reappointment of the funds of the Sabatini-bis has been given by Louis Galdabini, President U
CIMU, through intervention.

There were also important testimonies on strategies for development and internationalization by President Wolfgang Hiller of German foundry Buderus Guss Group of Robert Bosch. His presentation was interesting, but it has also showed how the German foundries experience the same problems in Italy.

Paul Airaldi (CEO TEKSID Aluminum) presented interesting investments, especially in aluminum smelters as recently in Carmagnola and the possibility of revamping by installation of iron castings; great investment is expected in Brazil.

President Chiara Valduga also impressed the entire audience by explaining recent investments in Russia Group Cividale.

Investment in Czech Rep. Group Cromodora Wheels spoke directly President Giancarlo Dallera. The high quality and the industry to Cromodora Premium ensure a solid grip on the international market.

All this culminated with the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to people who contributed to the development of the foundry industry particularly in Italy and worldwide.

The idea came from us just needing to remember who we are and where we come from, our history and the men who have helped to make create it and those who are still active, above all, the bearers of values and the best in Italy.

The day finally ended with a "Dinner at the Opera" with lyrical and musical entertainment.

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