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AQUA GROUP invests in latest DISA technology

AQUA GROUP in Coimbatore, India, has invested in the latest vertical moulding technology from DISA to replace its last remaining jolt-squeeze lines in operation at its foundry.

The facility in Coimbatore manufactures pump casings for irrigation and domestic applications, producing more than 2,500 pumps per day for customers world-wide.


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Over the last decade, the foundry has gradually upgraded its moulding lines from the original line-up of (jolt-squeeze) DISA ARPA machines. It purchased a DISA FLEX horizontal line in 2008, followed by a Complete Foundry solution with a DISA MATCH 24/28 match plate line (horizontal flaskless) at its heart in 2014. The latest step in this evolution is the move to vertical moulding technology with the DISAMATIC C3.

This new line, installed late in 2016, is now producing 250 moulds per hour, resulting in a casting output of approximately 1,000 tonnes per month.

The results are impressive, according to Mr Sathyamurthy, VP Foundry Division at AQUA Group: “Our new DISAMATIC C3 moulding line is state of the art and completely automated. It’s enabling us to ship castings within 12 hours of purchasing the raw material – and all that with a team of just 30 people. That’s a pattern tonnage of 30 tonnes per head.”

The line was installed in record time - only 6 months from the order date – and has achieved all its targets in terms of reduction in sand consumption and increase in yield, etc.

Mr Sathyamurthy continues: “The upgrades to our moulding lines over the past decades were all geared towards increasing our overall productivity and quality, while at the same time reducing the cost per part. Together with DISA, we have achieved this and continue to move forward on this path. Our productivity is outstanding, as is the quality and surface finish of our castings. What’s more, our world-class facilities provide our workers with a clean, safe and aspirational working environment.”

The DISAMATIC C3 is a vertical, greensand moulding system capable of producing a wide range of grey iron, ductile iron and other metal castings in various sizes. It benefits from the knowledge, expertise and technology gained from DISA’s high-performance DISAMATIC D-lines, applied to a lower price point, but without compromising on quality.

This means maximum performance for minimum investment, and a high ROI over a long service life, even if capacity is not always fully utilised. It’s the clever choice for lower-volume foundries with big ambitions.



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