The minimized curves and bold design make this caliper unique among braking systems currently available.

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Brembo, the world leader in the design and production of braking systems for cars and motorcycles, introduced an aesthetically revolutionary brake caliper for high performance road cars at the New York International Auto Show today.

This new brake caliper stands out for its extremely innovative design and high efficiency, which has always been a main feature of Brembo braking systems, while at the same time incorporates Brembo’s latest technology. This dramatic design, with cavities surrounding the caliper pistons, is the result of a rigorous study to create functional products with engaging shapes. The result is a caliper with the same stiffness, but a weight decrease up to 8 percent, compared to a typical caliper used on road supercars.

This significant reduction of 400 grams per corner allows this caliper to reach the highest ratio of lightweight/stiffness ever for a cast aluminum caliper for road use. The weight optimization ensures a decrease in unsprung weight, resulting in an improvement in the performance and behavior of the car, as well as a reduction in fuel consumption.

Brembo was able to draw from over 45 years of motorsports experience working on caliper geometry to reduce the mass of the areas not subject to stress during braking. Specifically, Brembo utilized improved topology optimization in creating this cast aluminum caliper for a road car. Topology optimization is a software tool that allows the user to simulate the stiffness of a component while identifying areas of excess material. This software is often used in the geometric design of racing brake systems made from billet to develop components with optimized performance, stiffness and weight.

The new caliper is revolutionary in design because the shape of the caliper has been streamlined, minimizing curves of the caliper body and eliminating excess material in the piston area.

The quality, functionality and attention to design of this caliper, enhances its ability to be matched perfectly to the shape and color of the exclusive cars for which it was designed. For this reason, it was Pagani’s first choice of brake equipment for the Huayra BC.

The caliper is available in many different colors and is used in conjunction with Carbon Ceramic discs, the highest performing discs available in today’s market.