Calderys unveils its new brand platform reflecting the Group’s focus on supporting high temperature industries through their energy transition

Calderys unveils its new corporate brand platform composed of the Group’s purpose and values.

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This follows the company’s change in ownership at the beginning of the year and the subsequent combination with HarbisonWalker International, now ‘HWI - a member of Calderys’. The new brand platform emphasizes what impact the Group seeks to make on the world and how.

Calderys reveals today an ambitious and powerful purpose: “We are the vital partner of all high temperature industries. We support them building a better world through sustainable solutions” placing sustainability and innovation at the heart of its business. This purpose reflects the critical roles of refractories in the world, the long-lasting relationships the Group has built with its customers base over the past 150 years, and the part the company intends to play to make a positive impact through its solutions.

The brand platform also emphasizes, through a new signature, the heritage of the Group which dates back to the 19th century and has been nourished since then with an unwavering quest for excellence: Forged in legacy. Fueled by excellence.

Michel Cornelissen, President and CEO of Calderys said, “As a world leader in high temperature solutions and a history that spans over more than 150 years, Calderys Group has a pivotal role to play in ensuring that companies —from small-scale entrepreneurs to global industry leaders — are equipped to meet the demands of tomorrow, and in pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence in our sector. This new brand platform marks an exciting new step in HWI integration into the Calderys Group as we continue to build unity throughout our organization. It is also the affirmation of a renewed ambition that will position us for future growth”.

As part of the platform, a set of values have been developed reflecting the true personality and the foundation of the company culture in four words: tenacity, accountability, multiculturalism, authenticity.

Tenacity refers to the determination to overcome challenges and achieve goals with a collaborative, continuous improvement and innovative mindset.

Accountability embodies ownership and responsibility towards excellence, safety and ethics. 

Multiculturalism emphasizes the recognition, appreciation, respect and inclusion of people from various backgrounds. 

Authenticity fosters trust, integrity, humility and care for people.

These new values and the overall platform have been developed through an employee-led exercise. Therefore they truly define the essence of who we are and how we do business. They guide our actions and behaviors and help us make the best decisions for the benefit of our customers” add Melissa Bihary, Chief People Officer and Aurélie de Chassey-Hayot, Global Vice President Communications, in a joint statement.

In January 2023, Calderys became a standalone company, launching at the same time a brand-new visual identity and revised logo. In February, the integration of HWI into Calderys was announced and HWI became a member of Calderys and the brand for the Americas region of the Group. Soon after, HWI introduced a new visual identity reflecting its refractories leadership and global stature as a member of Calderys Group.

The new brand platform for the combined organization cements our many similarities and is the common ground on which we will build our organization moving forward and bring it to the next level.” concludes Michel Cornelissen.

About Calderys

Calderys is a leading global provider for industries operating in high-temperature conditions. The Group specializes in thermal protection for industrial equipment with a wide range of refractory products and advanced solutions to enhance steel casting, metallurgical fluxes, and molding processes. With a presence in more than 30 countries and a strong footprint in the Americas through the brand HWI (HarbisonWalker International), Calderys’ international network of experts ensures an end-to-end offer with tailored services. Drawing on over 150 years of experience, Calderys supports its customers in their energy transition needs. Headquartered in Paris, France, the Group counts more than 6,500 employees and contractors and 50 plants on five continents.

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