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World-class engineering is more than just a phrase for DISA. Much more. It is a way of life. An uncompromised commitment to the way we interact with colleagues, business partners and customers around the globe. World-class engineering is what we do – and why it matters.

DISA is a global supplier of complete foundry solutions and services, driven by an unwavering focus on leading the industry and staying competitive for the benefit and satisfaction of our customers. The fact that we are founded on innovation means that we continuously seek to engineer change, build sustainability, lead technology, and shape industry.

In parallel to DISA’s strong global outreach under the Norican Group banner – with 2,300 employees in 50 countries on 5 continents and a customer base of more than 16,000 companies in 100 countries – we have strong Danish roots. We remain committed to our 200-year tradition of Danish engineering and world-class expertise. However, having the entire world as our workplace and market focus also means that we always strive to harness our collective diversity by way of mutual, intercultural respect and global teamwork.

In short: World-class engineering is what we bring to the table when our customers want to expand their operations – whether their expansion is happening in the Americas, Europe, India, China, The Middle East or Russia. World-class engineering is our way of lowering our customers’ costs per casting and metallic part, and improving their overall production. Additionally, world-class engineering is dealing with internal employees and external partners and clients in an atmosphere of understanding and respect of our mutual differences.

Therefore: World-class engineering is what we do – and why we think it matters.

Danish knowledge and global knowledge transfer
In order to understand the rather complex business that foundry solutions and services are, you might consider – next time you stop your car at a red light – which several of your car’s components most likely are made by way of DISA technology, incl. brake discs, engine block, arms, etc.

Because DISA supplies components, parts and solutions to many of the major players in the automotive, ferrous, infrastructure industry, among others, we need a wide variety of professional disciplines that interact in close cooperation in order to consolidate and extend our global footprint and broad industry offer.

One way of making these different disciplines complement each other and work well together is to make vast investment in state-of-the-art research, development and production facilities and ensuring cross-border and cross-continent knowledge sharing.

It is no coincidence that the DISA headquarters and world-class technology centre is based in Denmark – in the town of Taastrup. DISA wishes to attract and maintain top engineers from all around the world, and in Taastrup, we are close to the Danish technical and engineering faculties and universities as well as in easy access to airports, highways, etc. In consequence, it is a close partnership between headquarters in Taastrup and our other technology and production facilities worldwide that we bring new ideas to the market and focus on customer-centric value-creation.

Visionary engineering of the future
Stability and accuracy are essential for the quality of our final products. 50 years ago, DISA engineers developed DISAMATIC – a pioneering vertical moulding machine capable of producing far more high-quality sand moulds per hour than traditional, space and energy consuming horizontal machines – and at much lower energy consumption and in much less space.

At that time, not many – if any – thought it could be done. It required visionary engineering and unfailing commitment to cross-discipline cooperation to develop the machines that – to this day – represent the highest industry standards in quality, speed and cost effectiveness.

The same level of cross-discipline cooperation and world-class engineering created DISA 280-C – the latest addition to the DISAMATIC invention. With a mix of advance modelling, mechanics, hydraulics, electronics, and complex management software, DISA’s engineers delivered a machine capable of producing up to 300 complex sand moulds per hour.

DISA 280-C is an evolution of the original DISAMATIC principle. It is based on a new mechanical and hydraulic design, requiring intensive cross-discipline cooperation and mutual understanding of the interaction between many different challenges. The result: A solution that is in high demand around the world and developed by a dedicated team of engineers with highly specialized knowledge and unique skills.

Match plate technology is yet another technology used to produce moulds, and the process is suitable for short production sizes. Therefore, the challenge was to develop a new, faster process. Again, the solution involved close cross-specialist cooperation, and the result is a cutting-edge design and a machine driven by a symmetric hydraulic system that is centrally controlled by an advanced PLC system.

The engineering of tomorrow is already here today!
The future has already begun – with DISA’s headquarters in Taastrup as the hub for our global operations. A multitude of engineers and technicians work on future technologies and designs with the most advanced tools and facilities available – irrespectively of whether they are located in Denmark, India, Germany or anywhere else around the world. Because not only do we pride ourselves in having world-class engineers at DISA; we also pride ourselves in performing world-class engineering where each of our employees leave their personal mark on the future.

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