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Elkem buys TM Technology Ltd

Elkem ASA has acquired the UK company TM Technology Ltd and its production of the foundry

alloy, Tenbloc®. Tenbloc® is used for in the mould inoculation of ductile and grey iron.

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Elkem ASA is based in Norway, and one of the world’s leading companies for environmentally
responsible production of materials. Elkem manufactures a wide range of inoculants, MgFeSi alloys
and preconditioners for the production of cast iron.

Elkem is a global leader in metal treatment solutions to the cast iron industry and a supplier of high
quality ferrosilicon to the steel industry. This acquisition will strengthen Elkem’s position in this
market and the ability to provide customers a wider range of specialized products.

“Our customers need different solutions for their metal treatment processes. At Elkem we want to support our customers‘ success with reliable premium products and by sharing our experience in process improvement. With Tenbloc in our portfolio Elkem is able to extend the offering and meet customer demands even better.”
                            Roland Hennigfeld, Global Sales and Marketing Director in Elkem.

The TM Technology Ltd plant is located in Dronfield UK, and will be rebranded as Elkem Dronfield

The acquisition was completed on March 16, 2018


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