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Topseed® Conditioner – the smart way to improve the performance and quality of your nodularisation process.

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The demand for more precise and repetitive processes is constantly increasing as a tool to satisfy the growing qualitative demands of end user industries. Further, both for high volume and large castings production, increasing consideration is being given to metal cleanliness and longevity of treatment vessels, both leading to reduction of slag/dross defects and hence increased productivity.

In response to these growing demands, Elkem has developed the Topseed® conditioner range of products which are designed to enhance the MgFeSi nodularisation process:

  • Optimising the magnesium recovery
  • Reducing Mg reactivity and fumes emission 
  • Providing a higher and repetitive nucleation level in the treated iron
  • Reducing fade of nodularity
  • Changing slag characteristics to an easily removable form

The Topseed® conditioner range is based on a high density FeSi containing a balanced amount of active elements, calcium, barium and aluminium. These act as a deoxidant when added on top of the MgFeSi and also add nuclei to counter the negative effect of magnesium on nucleation. Even a small addition of Topseed® will delay the onset of the reaction and provide measurable consistent improvements in the Mg recovery and metallurgical quality of the iron.

Elkem’s technical engineers are able to advise on the best ladle shape and pocket design for your foundry and, together with a selected MgFeSi from our extensive range and one of the Topseed® conditioner grades, we are able to help optimise and produce consistency in your nodularisation process.

Elkem Foundry products supports you in optimising your casting process.
With local sales, technical service, a new laboratory and production in India, we combine the benefits of a local supplier with the extensive knowledge, experience and continuity of a global supplier. You are most welcome at our stand at IFEX, D-14, to discover how Elkem’s know how and products package can benefit you.

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