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Elmetherm S.A.
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Established in France since 1975, ELMETHERM is specialized in the design, engineering and manufacturing of turnkey equipment, providing innovative solutions to your specific needs. Our human scale business structured around senior project managers with operational and reactive teams is composed of engineers and specialists in mechanical, thermal & cooling engineering as well as automatics. For over 30 years ELMETHERM had successfully carried out more than 5,000 missions, serving major international groups and small or medium sized companies. Our experienced specialists and capabilities to supply a full service of designing, manufacturing (batch ovens, conveyor ovens, and special machines), installation, starting up and training will give you insurance of satisfaction.Based in St Auvent (France), ELMETHERM has also offices in Germany and USA.

- Handling and conveying systems by chains, webs, belts, rollers
- Rotary, parallel or angle transfer systems
- Manipulators
- Special machines
- Integrated robots, control equipment, marking
- Modular safety mesh fences

Thermal Heating & Cooling
- Batch ovens from 0°C to 600°C (1100°F)
- Continuous ovens: tunnel, vertical, carousel. From 0°C to 600°C (1100°F)
- Heating process capabilities fitting product requirement :
convection oven, infrared oven, microwave oven, high frequency oven
- Fume treatment

- Control panel, command by PLC and/or digital
- Network installation
- Industrial data processing and supervisory control
- Development, documentation, training

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