European Automotive Industry supplier SAG expands in Canada and North America

Austria-based Salzburger Aluminium Group (SAG) strengthens its presence in Canada and North America. A 20 million Dollars major order for lightweight parts brings tailwind right from the start.

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(Lend/Toronto/Charlotte, on May, 2021). The Salzburg Aluminium Group (SAG), Europe based market leader in aluminum tanks for trucks and leading manufacturer of lightweight components for the automotive industry, is expanding with the opening of sales offices in Toronto/Canada and Charlotte/US. The company automotive supplier is now present in 12 locations in Europe and North America.

SAG has already been active on the Pan-American market for about ten years from two production sites in Mexico. With about 400 employees, SAG Mexico has supplied major American car manufacturers such as General Motors, Chrysler and Ford with tanks and aluminum components. The North American market is now to be worked even more intensively from the new locations in the US and Canada. Already successful, even before the opening of the new SAG branches. A major order for lightweight components and Air reservoirs for electric and hybrid vehicle platforms for more than 20 million Dollars brings tailwind right from the start. The Salzburger Aluminium Group will manage its new business in the USA and Canada from its newly founded sales offices in Toronto and Charlotte in future.

The huge North American automotive market, where SAG is already present through two production sites in Mexico, offers enormous opportunities. With the growing trend towards electric mobility and hydrogen, there are many opportunities for SAG to gain further market share with technologies and products as a pioneer in the areas of lightweight rheocasting components and cryo tank technology for LH2 and LNG. Right from the start, a major order with a volume of more than 20 million Dollars is already fixed.

SAG supplies a key player in the american automotive industry with air reservoirs for air suspension systems and rheocasting lightweight structural components for e-vehicle platforms. Country manager for US and Canada, Philip Gerdt, is very happy with the good start of SAGs increased efforts in North America: "The potential for our products in the North American market is considerable. SAG's rheocasting technology fits very well with the growing demand of lightweight components with excellent material properties. For all OEMs important assets to better meet the greenhouse gas emission targets and for extension of range in e-vehicles."

SAG: Global player with a local footprint in seven countries and at 12 locations The Salzburger Aluminium Group is an Austrian family-owned company with 1100 employees worldwide at 12 locations in Europe, Mexico, US and Canada. The headquarters of the company, which goes back to Salzburger Aluminium founded in 1898, is located in Austria (Salzburg). SAG has subsidiaries in Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Mexico, North America and Canada. As a market leader for aluminum tanks for trucks, SAG is a global supplier to all big OEMs.

Other products include air reservoirs, compressed air tanks and special components for the commercial vehicle, railway and special vehicle industries. Moreover the company is technology leader in the field of cryogenic tanks for LNG (liquid natural gas) and Pioneer in Rheocasting (semi-solid casting process for aluminum). The export quota is over 90 percent. SAG supplies all major truck manufacturers and many international car manufacturers as well as OEMs in the rail and special vehicles sectors. The turnover of the entire group of companies was around EUR 220 million in 2019.

SAG was recently awarded a special prize as a "Leading Innovator" at the GreenTech Awards 2020/21. This was prompted by the company's numerous patents for innovations that make a significant contribution to climate protection.


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