Mingzhi Tech – goes XL with a cold core making system for Hudong Heavy Machinery

June, 2021 - On the heels of a successful collaboration with its subsidiary in 2018 involving a 70L cold core box Core-Making project, Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has renewed its trust in Mingzhi Technology, by awarding a contract for a "1700L Large Scale Automatic Cold Core Box Core Shooting Machine”, valued at roughly 3.9 million Euro (RMB 30 million).

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The contract entails a turnkey project with a scope that covers a complete set of core-making equipment: a cold core making system, sand supply and mixing system, exhaust gas treatment system, core making auxiliary system, multi-functional clamping system, sand core coating and drying conveying system, and a complete set of large diesel engine cylinder block core box tooling.

The main feature of this project is the uniquely oversized automatic cold core shooting machine, boasting a sand shooting volume of 1700 L and clamping force of 2000 KN, which can load a maximum core box weight of 30000 kg. It can meet the production of extra-large sand cores with a maximum length of 2600mm and maximum width of 2100mm.

The 1700 L fully automatic cold core box core making system provided by Mingzhi will be used for the sand core production of large-sized marine diesel engine body components. The project is expected to be commissioned in mid-2022.

The signing of this project affirms Hudong Heavy Machinery’s confidence in Mingzhi Technology, which promises to live up to their expectations in building this core-making machinery of outstanding proportions, by combining years of core equipment expertise and demonstrated technical innovation.



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