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Fata Aluminum Reorganization in the Mexican Market

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Fata Aluminum has now completed the restructuring of its presence in the Mexico foundry market.

The plan has included the closure of its former subsidiary:

“Fata Aluminium de Mexico” and Fata Aluminum Casting Technologies”

along with the sale of the shares / assets to the former management who have registered a new company that will be operating in the market without the Fata Aluminum name and technology.

A new company called Fata Aluminum Foundry Systems has been incorporated in Mexico City to maximize the presence and the utilization of all the finance, purchasing and personnel services of the existing Fata Automation Company.

A Projects and Sales office has been opened in Saltillo from early 2016 to be closer to the traditional market and customer base.

The restructuring plan is intended to create a more competitive and effective base to locally serve all our traditional global customers, extend our market presence and provide a more efficient after sales service.